The purpose of this workshop is to bring together renowned experts in organic bioelectronics encompassing disciplines spanning from chemistry, biology, physics and engineering.

The final goal is to foster an open discussion on the fundamental aspects of the interface between organic electronic materials and biosystems. Another aim is to present emerging bioelectronic technologies and to envision their new applications. The residential setting of the Workshop is indeed functional to these purposes.

The Workshop will blend with the OrBItaly 2020 (Organic BIoelectronics Italy), an annual event where the National organic bioelectronic community meets with International scientists of bioelectronics.

The following topics are emphasized:

  • Iontronics
  • Hybrid organic/silicon bioelectronics
  • The fundamentals of organic electronic materials
  • The fundamentals of FET sensing
  • Sensing with Electrolyte gated transistors
  • Sensing with Electrochemical Transistors
  • Electrochemical biosensing
  • Integration of conjugated polyelectrolytes with lipid membranes
  • Printed organic bioelectronics devices for healthcare applications
  • Designing new organic bioelectronics materials
  • Wearable, flexible electronics
  • Processing of organic bioelectronics materials
  • Multi-scale characterization of bio-functionalized devices